Our story

Nóra Scherfel, Mandragora Design

"I was keen on drawing and creating handmade subjects from early ages. Visual culture, fashion and photography have been essential parts of my life ever since I can remember. After working almost ten years in the field of international marketing, I felt a strong desire to use my creativity and experience for building up something special.

Thanks to a coincidental meeting with a master shoemaker, I had a chance to look into the amazing world of traditional shoe-making. Watching the way he created handmade shoes simply enchanted me. I truly believe that handmade goods have souls and you can feel and touch the time, effort and aesthetic value that the artisan invested in them.

Traveling to Italy helped me to discover special leathers and inspired me to design unique shoes in limited quantity that reflect the owner’s personality. At the same time, I wanted my shoes to be natural and comfortable to be worn the whole day with real smile on my face. In light of this sense, I established Mandragora brand which evokes uniqueness and natural beauty.

After my son was born, I have spent most of my time in nature with him. Together we discovered and observed all details in close-up and I found the shapes and colors created by nature simply fascinating and magical. This idea led me to give the name Mandragora to my brand, because this plant has such an exciting and mystic history around, that truly reflects my fabulous relationship with nature as well as shoe-making.

My shoes follow the shapes of the leaves, the colors of flowers and the softness of grass. Vivid colors, unique patterns and feminine forms are the key characteristics of Mandragora launch collection, which offers elegant models as well as cool and casual pieces."

Nóra Scherfel

Founder, Mandragora design